Who is eligible to participate?

Assessments are open to customers with: A combination of natural gas and electric, or solely electric service, from CenterPoint Energy. If a customer has only electric service through CenterPoint Energy, their primary heating fuel must be electricity.

Homes that are more than five years old.

Homes that have NOT participated in an assessment in the last three years.

Customers must meet income guidelines based on household size in order to be eligible.

Customers who receive benefits from SNAP, LIHEAP, WIC, Welfare, and/or Section 8 are automatically eligible.


What happens at an energy assessment? How long does it take?

As part of the assessment, an energy efficiency technician will perform a walkthrough, lasting 1 to 2 hours, to understand how your home and appliances use energy, and you may even receive energy-saving products on the spot! Upon completion of the assessment, the technician will give you a personalized report with an action plan for additional energy-saving efforts for your home.


I am a renter, and I would like to save on my utility bills. Can I recieve an energy assessment?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of a reduced energy bill with permission from your landlord. When enrolling, you will need to provide your landlords name and contact number. Our team will obtain authorization to provide any direct install energy saving measures.


Can I participate if I live in an apartment or condo?

Energy Assessments were designed for dwellings less than four units. However, there are parts of the program available to larger units/apartment complexes. Contact our representative to recieve more information: 855-298-5390.


How much does the energy assessment cost?

This program is privided by CenterPoint Energy at no-cost.